Monday, August 31, 2009

Gratituesday: Good News from the Doctor

Good news from a doctor is always a welcome thing. It's seemed like doctors around us have been doling out a good bit of bad news lately. Within the past 2 weeks, 2 of my pastors have been diagnosed with brain tumors! Yes, one pastor stepped down from the ministry a few years ago, but he married us and I still count him as one of my pastors.

On Friday, Baby was diagnosed with MRSA on his leg. I wasn't too concerned since the doctor assured me it wasn't a huge deal. I didn't have the internet at the time so I didn't do a search to learn more. I felt like it was the "olden days" that I remember from my childhood. Well, once we finally had internet back on Sunday, I did my search and was quite alarmed at the second sentence - "may be fatal!" Ack! This is my BABY we're talking about!

We were able to get in for a follow-up with our regular doctor (had to see the on-call doc on Friday). She put my mind at ease! The culture of the grossness came back from the lab and it was NOT MRSA but just a bad strep infection on his skin. This news didn't negate the fevers and just overall sick baby, but BOY, did it make me feel better! We now have a new prescription antibiotic cream to add to the oral antibiotics to kick this nastiness out of there quickly! I also have a renewed resolve to keep those fingernails cut closer since the infection probably began with a teeny nick in the skin.

Praise God my little man is almost healed!


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