Monday, July 6, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

Well, I have no clue what we'll be having this week. In all honesty, I have no desire to plan at all. I know this is a dangerous frame of mind - I will be tempted to order pizza and eat out. We had such a busy weekend and I am exhausted. Baby is exhausted but fighting sleep like a champ. I spent an hour working on helping him fall asleep. Daddy is taking his turn right now with no end in sight. Baby's 9 months old today!

Anyway, I need to plan. I have yet to use the frozen chicken I keep planning to use. I am pulling it out of the freezer so I can use it tomorrow! Here's what we'll be eating!

Monday - random leftovers
Tuesday - Crock Pot Chicken (see recipe below)
Wedneday - Enchiladas
Thursday - Grill out burgers/dogs
Friday - Chicken Tacos (with leftover crock pot chicken)
Saturday - Beef Stroganoff
Sunday - Homemade Pizza

Crock Pot Chicken

One small chicken
One half can random beverage (I have used Coke, Sprite, orange juice, and beer - all with great results. It always comes out tasting like rotisserie chicken)

Clean chicken and place in crock pot. Season chicken as desired. I use onion powder, salt, pepper, Crazy Jane's Mixed Up Salt, and poultry seasoning. Pour in one half can of beverage. Cook on low all day.

Chicken will literally fall off the bone. Serve with your favorite side. We will be having baked potatoes with ours. Yum!


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