Friday, June 5, 2009

So Round, So Profound

I taught elementary music for 3 years. I loved the energy and the silliness. One of my favorite songs we sang was called "The Belly Button Round." Click HERE to hear it (free download). The opening lyrics are:
So Round
So Profound
So Great
To Contemplate

Well, lately I have been contemplating the belly button. You see, having my son has given me a new perspective on the belly button. As I nurse my little man, his little tummy often hangs out of his shirt exposing his little belly button. It struck me the other day that this is where he and I were physically connected. My body fed him through his belly button. I looked at my own and had a new understanding of my own and how my own mom loved me and fed and nourished me through my belly button. The design of the human body is simply amazing. The power of the love between mother and child is simply staggering.

Now, as I see belly buttons more often with the warmer weather, I pause and think how that person is showing off how they are loved and how they were fed in the womb. Don't get me wrong, I would still rather the adult belly button remain under wraps rather than be flaunted. Some things should become a mystery to others as we grow up.

Have you thanked your mother for your belly button lately?


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