Monday, June 1, 2009

Intentional Menu

I am being more intentional about my grocery spending this month. I want to keep the spending under $200. We will live somewhat out of our pantry. Here's what we are eating this week! My husband is teaching a university summer class in the mornings so breakfast is a bit limited ( I KNOW I will not be up with him each morning with a baby in the house). Wednesday I will be gone with the baby during the day to watch my mom and her fellow teachers do a tap dance then hubby will be performing on the waterfront that evening. It's always busy around here! Check out I'm An Organizing Junkie and her Menu Planning Monday to see more menu ideas!


Breakfast - toast
Lunch - soup and sammies
Dinner - chicken teriyaki

Breakfast - pancakes
Lunch - cold cuts
Dinner - meatball subs

Breakfast - toast
Lunch - panini
Dinner - homemade pizza

Breakfast - waffles
Lunch - ravioli
Dinner - grilled pork chops

Breakfast - toast
Lunch - peanut butter sandwiches
Dinner - oven fried chicken

Breakfast - French toast
Lunch - “The Best Of” (leftovers)
Dinner - beef stroganoff

Breakfast - cereal
Lunch - macaroni and cheese with hot dogs
Dinner - burgers on the grill

Shopping list:
chicken breasts, bread, hot dogs (bogo free at kroger), rice, eggs, waffles, yeast, marjoram, honey
Deal seeking:
garbage bags (target - pair target coupon with manufacturer coupon), paper towels (target - coupons plus gift card rebate - details here), sunscreen (CVS), rock bottom prices on items to restock pantry from this week’s meals


Kelly said...

Welcome to MPM! I like your name for leftovers. lol

Melissa said...

Sounds like a good menu, and thanks for listing the deals!

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