Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gratituesday: Boo-boo's and Microwaves

I am in the kitchen preparing French toast for breakfast. I hear Baby cry and Hubby comfort and redirect. A few minutes later, Hubby is in the kitchen cleaning blood off his hand. He thought he had cut himself and didn't realize it.

I finish preparing breakfast and serve it up in the family room. Baby is playing on the floor. Hubby is chowing down while I gather my food. Baby cries, Hubby brings baby up to the chair with him to snuggle. More mysterious blood appears on Hubby's arm.

We look at Baby and discover a large gash in his foot, dried blood all over his foot and leg, and fresh blood on his foot. Add to the picture a large streak of black grease across baby's face from where he tried to suck on the inner parts of the recliner just moments ago.

A few minutes later, the boo-boo was fixed in spite of the world's wiggliest baby. Hubby was able to finish his breakfast. Mine was cold. As usual. I think I have eaten TWO hot meals in the past week - if that.

For this Gratituesday, I want to sing the praises of the microwave! Thanks to this wonderful device, I am able to easily reheat my food to get a hot meal - not always anywhere near the actual mealtime, but still a hot meal.

Moments like this remind me of a scene from A Christmas Story where the mom keeps getting up to get food for the family and hasn't eaten a hot meal for herself in a decade! I love my job as a wife and mother and wouldn't change it for the world!

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Lynnette said...

I think moms everywhere can understand your love of the microwave! Yesterday, I made a cup of tea and still hadn't touched it after over an hour had passed- microwave! After dinner, I found that same cup of tea, still half full- microwave! I like to think of it as the endless cup of tea...it lasts all day long :)

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