Sunday, June 21, 2009

Britax Car Seat Sale on Amazon

Hi all! I took a day off from posting yesterday since it was my birthday! I turned 29.... yet again! My darling hubby worked hard teaching music lessons and talking to other family for contributions and bought be a new front loading washing machine! In addition to being thrilled at the huge surprise (the old one came with this house and although it cleans really well, it also chews holes in clothes), he also let me pick it out and find the deal! I was able to find a scratch and dent $900 machine and purchase it for $550! The washer was discounted and we used a 10% off Lowes coupon as well. It should be delivered in just a few hours. I may take a folding chair to the basement and watch it spin....

In other news, Amazon is having a sale on Britax carseats. The Roundabout is priced at just $109 after a $50 savings at checkout. Melissa's Bargain Blog has all the details about the other models on sale.


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