Monday, May 4, 2009

A Host of Links

There are so many links I want to share so I thought I would bite the bullet and just post them all together before I forget what I wanted to post in the first place! I'll try to give some detail surrounding each. Hope you enjoy!

Deals -
  • Huggies Rewards Program - Huggies has a new rewards program called Enjoy the Ride. Currently, you can earn points through referrals (please let me know if you want one! I can help get you started with codes too), watching short videos, posting pictures, and taking polls. Eventually, codes will be found on Huggies diaper packs once the package redesign is complete and in stores. Many online friends of mine have won prizes in their instant win game. The game costs 2 points to play and you can win various gift cards ranging from $10 - $25 at Applebees, Subway, Gap, or just a prepaid Visa debit card! I haven't won yet, but I am hopeful!
  • Caregivers Marketplace - Anyone who cares for a child under 5 (healthy or otherwise) or an older child/adult with special needs qualifies for this program. Caregivers collect recepts for supplies and mail them to Caregivers Marketplace. The caregiver then gets a rebate check for specific items. One example, Huggies participates in this program so if I purchase Huggies diapers, I can get a rebate check. I would save receipts for 5 or more jumbo packs of diapers (doesn't have to be all on one order) and then fill in a rebate form and mail them in. In a few weeks, I would get a check back for $.75 per pack of diapers.
  • Free Trees and Plants - Just like it sounds, this is a place to get free trees and plants and just pay shipping. People with disabilities that have trouble finding work elsewhere get jobs fulfilling these orders as well. Check it out for your next landscaping project.
The Church

I have such a heart for the local church. At some point, I will post more on this subject and I hope to get many who are much wiser than I am to post about the biblical importance of the local church. In short, as Christians we need to be part of the local church and support the church both with time and with finances. Most of all, we need to support our local church with prayer.
  • Mark Altrogge - Up until about 4 years ago when we moved away, we called Sovereign Grace Ministries home no matter where we lived. Mark was our first pastor as a couple. He gave us fantastic advice right after we were married. My husband and I were contemplating a move after graduating college. Mark sat down to counsel my husband and told him that first and foremost, even before finding a grad school or a job, we should find a good solid church. He told us how many people move and assume they will find that perfect fit church only to spend months or years church hopping and not being fed spiritually. We were so thankful for his advice and with the help of the internet, we were able to find a church home before we made any of our big moves. I could go on forever on this topic, but that will wait for another day. I wanted to post this interview done by CJ Mahaney of Mark Altrogge. It is quite informative and very entertaining. I also want to be clear that we have since had several wonderful church homes and pastors (as well as currently) and I hope to share from those churches as well in the future.
  • Ian - As part of praying for the church, I point you to Ian's blog. Ian is the son of the pastor who married us nearly 9 years ago. Ian was in a terrible car wreck 2 years ago and nearly lost his life. After a very long time in a coma, he is beginning to talk on his own again. His story is a testement to God's grace and power.
  • Kayleigh - I do not know Kayleigh or her parents. I found this blog through Kayleigh was born at under one pound. She desperately needs our prayers now.


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