Friday, June 11, 2010

More Cheap Eyeglasses: ZenniOptical

Back in February, I received my first order of prescription eyeglasses through  I paid a measly $8 for them and $4.95 in shipping.  I posted my full experience.  I was quite happy!  I decided to order some more.

I ordered two more pair a few weeks ago.  I chose one pair of normal glasses (since Buggy tends to be a bit rough and I want to make sure I have glasses even if he gets his paws on a pair!) and one pair of sunglasses.  The tinting cost an extra $4.xx.

I am almost 100% happy with both pair.  The normal glasses are great.  The frames fit well and are stylish.  The prescription is right on.

The sunglasses seem to be more "you get what you pay for."  I paid $8 for each of these glasses and added tint on the sunglasses.  The frames on the sunglasses are the only ones I purchased with spring hinges.  They don't seem to fit as well as the others - they seem to change shape a bit due to the hinges.

The prescription is right on and they are super fun.  The tint is great.

I got to experience their customer service this time around.  After I completed my order, I discovered I had ordered the wrong color of sunglasses.  Even though the default photo was of the green and yellow frames, the default color on the order page was blue and orange.  Make sure to check the color description before submitting your order!

I followed the directions on their website and called right away.  It was an evening on a weekend, so I just left a message with my contact info, order number, and desired change in order.  I didn't get a response, but when my glasses arrived, they were the correct color.

Do I recommend ZenniOptical?  Certainly.  Just know that to get the best results, you will need to invest some time measuring frames and trying on frames on your own before choosing and ordering online.  I have a friend who was told at a brick and mortar eyeglass store that her frames could not be adjusted since they were so cheaply made.  I cannot confirm since I have not needed adjustments.

I will continue using ZenniOptical for my eyeglass needs.  I figure that $8 is a small enough amount that it's ok if I end up wasting it on a poor product.  I have not tried any of the more expensive frames or lens options.

Have you ordered glasses online?  Where did you order?  What was your experience?


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