Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Making Money Online: Logical Media

Logical Media

Logical Media is an affiliate marketing company.  Through them, I can run small ads on blogs, twitter, facebook, email, etc and get paid.  It doesn't pay a ton, but ads aren't my main focus.

When I choose ads, I make sure to choose things that I already use or would willingly use.  There are some ad campaigns that I just will never run because they go against my beliefs.  With Logical Media, I can choose what ads I run, when I run them, and by what media outlet.

For example, any time I list coupons that I am printing, I use a link from logical media.  I get paid $.40 for each print session that happens after someone clicks through my link.

If you are interested in trying Logical Media, just click through and check it out.  Sign-up is simple.  Once you sign up, you get $25 in your account for free as a start-up bonus.  Cash out is at $100.


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