Thursday, April 29, 2010

YouData, Swagbucks, GIVEAWAY

It's Thursday which means it is time to check your YouData accounts for ads!  Remember that ads are saved through the week and by spending just a minute on Thursday, you can view all of your ads and get paid Friday into PayPal!  Some weeks I have a lot of saved ads, some weeks, none.  This week I had none.  Boo.  That's ok!

For those of you new to YouData, it is a simple system where advertisers pay you to view their ads.  You simply sign up, fill out some information on yourself, and log in weekly to view the ads sent to you.  Now, when I sign in, I need to sign in twice - the first time it pops up as being incorrect information even though it is correct.  I don't know why this happens (could it be because I have my username/password saved through Firefox?) but it happens.  At least I can log in!  Now, this isn't a fast way to make money, but it adds up over time.  I use my money to order coupons!

Search & Win

Tomorrow is the end of the month, so it's time to redeem those Swagbucks in the swagstore!    If you have enough saved up for a prize you'd like, redeem them now - gift cards are posted mid-month and at the end of the month.  Note - you can redeem 2 prizes per day and only 5 of the same prize per month.  I redeem mine for $5 amazon gift cards because when you do the math, it takes fewer swagbucks per dollar than most other prizes.  Want to know more about Swagbucks?  Check out the details from my previous post!  Also - every Friday is Mega-Swagbucks Friday, so get ready to start searching!

Lastly, I am hosting a giveaway for Facebook fans only!  Click on over to get the scoop and enter to win an envelope of great coupons!  Giveaway lasts until May 1 at 8pm eastern!  Check out the "Discussions" tab on the fan page!


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