Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pampers Dry-Max Buzz

So, as I was surfing around the internet today, I stumbled across hub-bub about the new Pampers Dry Max diapers.  According to many moms who previously used Pampers, once they switched to the Dry Max diapers, their babies developed severe rashes very quickly.  These rashes often bled.  Some babies were diagnosed with chemical burns.

You can read more details through this Reuters article

I am curious what all of you think about this.  I am not brand loyal when it comes to diapers.  I get the diapers that cost the least.  I currently have more Pampers in my size 4 stockpile than anything else and more Huggies in my small size stockpile - it's just how the deals have worked out.  I also received a bunch of diapers from a surprise shower a few weeks ago. 

I have been leaning more towards Pampers lately mainly because of company standards.  I really like a lot of the positive things that P & G has been doing across the board - especially providing clean water to underdeveloped countries.  I was Huggies loyal for awhile, but the more I read articles posted on their website and in emails from them (articles written for various magazines), I haven't been as pleased.  Many articles are spouting completely inaccurate information - mainly regarding breast feeding - that can seriously confuse new moms.  Yeah - I get worked up over things like this and tend to hold grudges against companies!

I will say that I have not knowingly used the Dry Max diapers.  I have never had problems with Pampers or Huggies or Luvs (or store brands).  I DID do a product trial a few months back for a survey company about Pampers diapers.  I had 2 packs to try and evaluate.  Neither pack gave us any problem.  I feel there is a good chance at least one of those packs contained Dry Max diapers.

Curious? Try them out for free - click over to the Pampers website to request a free sample.

What is your take?  Have you had any problems with Pampers Dry Max diapers?  Huggies diapers?  Disposables in general?  Cloth in general?  Why do you use the diapers you use?  Cost?  Environment?

Let's discuss!


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