Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Coupons, Woot-off, and Money Minute for Laundry

First, become a fan on Facebook for Tropicana (today only).  You will earn a point for their reward program and can print a BOGO free coupon - expires 4/7 so hurry to use it.

Secondly, print out some great Campbell's soup coupons!


Head to my "Daily Deals" tab and check out Woot! and are holding a Woot-off today!  On my tab, I have a link to a Woot - alert that will let you know when a new item is up!

What is a Woot-off you ask?  Simply, it is when Woot offers more than one product per day at a super discounted price (often 4 or more products).  Woot-off's may even last more than one day!

One extra special part of a Woot-off is the "Bag o Crap."  At one point during the Woot-off, they will offer a "Bag o Crap" for just a few dollars.  This bag is full of all sorts of stuff - whatever they have left over.  Usually it will be small things without a high dollar value, but reports are that in the past, they have had small tv's or computer monitors and such in their Bag o Crap!  When this item comes up - HURRY!  I haven't been able to snag one yet  - the site has always crashed on me.

Let me know if you score anything good!

Do you find yourself running the dryer repeatedly trying to de-wrinkle your clothes?  Do you end up ironing those same clothes?  Well, I have 2 quick tips for you.  First, when transferring clothes from the washer to dryer, take a moment to shake out the garments so they are not tangled or twisted.  This ensures better drying and fewer wrinkles.  The second tip isn't as easy - get the clothes out of the dryer and fold/hang as soon as they are dry.  If they sit in the dryer, they are likely to wrinkle.


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