Friday, January 1, 2010

Where to Find Coupons, Lesson Two

As I coupon hunt, I am amazed at the number of ways to find coupons!  I started yesterday listing ways that you can find money-saving coupons.  Here are some more ways.

Keychain Coupons
Simply add these coupons to your shopper card for instant savings!  Often, these coupons can be paired with paper coupons.  Some great ecoupon sites:
Free Samples
Many free samples of products also come with great high-value coupons.  My favorite source for samples is through Walmart.  Simply click on the In Stores Now tab for a list of what they currently offer.  Enter your contact info and you are done.

Catalinas, Blinkies, Hangtags, Peelies

A simple walk through the grocery store can yield some great coupons. 
  • Catalinas are the coupons that print out with your receipt.  They are generated based on the products you purchase.
  • Blinkies are the coupons found in the little machines that spit out coupons - usually these have a blinking red light.
  • Hangtags simply hang on the product itself
  • Peelies are the coupons you actually peel from a product.
Check back tomorrow for even more ways to save with grocery coupons!


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