Thursday, February 25, 2010

Swagbucks Birthday Details, Giveaway, Diaper Trial, and Woot-Off!

Search & Win

Yesterday, I posted about Swagbucks second birthday today.  Well, happy birthday Swagbucks!  You can view the details I had previously posted here.

So, how has Swagbucks changed?  You'll notice that the website has been updated and that you have more "bucks" in your account.  Swagbucks multiplied all amounts - both in account earnings and in prize prices - by 10.  They say this is to be able to reward in new ways - to reward small amounts for viewing offers and using the toolbar for example.

What do I think of the changes?  I'm not sure yet.  It is nice to see large amounts of bucks being awarded at a time (I won 10 bucks in a search this morning).  I can see the amounts being awarded dropping over time, though this isn't a certainty at all.  Before I realized the x10 change, I was super excited about getting a 7 point code.  In actuality, that code is worth $.70 swagbucks rather than the normal $1 swagbuck.  Hopefully this means more codes and more chances to win to make up the difference.  Still, I can't be upset at getting paid to search the internet!

One last note - be patient with the site today.  It seems that there are some bugs with their new system and some users have had difficulties.


Remember to enter again today to win an envelope chock full of coupons!  When I win giveaways like this, I maximize it by trading coupons with friends so we all get more of what we need!  Share the love!

Diaper Trial

Do you have a child in diapers?  How would you like to try diapers for free and get paid $10 for doing so?  All that is involved is a short paper survey, following directions for the specific study, and a phone interview about the product.  Arquest is a store brand diaper manufacturer that often reviews both store brand diapers and name brand diapers through diaper studies. 

To see if you qualify, just call the number below to register.  I will keep the diaper tab updated with open studies as I hear of them.  If your child fits specifications, you may receive a call from Arquest about participating.  Currently, there is a size 4 study for boys that seems to be open.  I just called.  Don't be surprised if you need to leave a message - if there are open spots, they will get back to you.

ext 646 for girls
ext 634 for boys


Lastly, today is day 2 of a Woot-off for both Woot and KidsWoot!  Let me know if you score anything great!  Shipping is a flat $5 per item!


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