Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Funny and Coupon Explanation

I wanted to apologize for the Children's Place coupon link not working.   I put the link in directly from an affiliate company shortly after they emailed me to let me know it was available.  Just a few hours later, the coupon was no longer on the affiliate site and no longer on my website.  I don't know what happened - if the print limit was reached or what.  Sorry!

Now, I know many of you have about had it with winter at this point.  I know I have!  We finally dug my van out of all the ice and now it won't start.  We may be stuck here for another few days until we get the van up and running.  Hopefully it will start in a little bit and I can get the battery checked tomorrow and replace if needed.  It hasn't been driven in over 8 days and has only been started up once.  Live and learn!

Now for a laugh.  You know you've had too much winter when you see this....


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