Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Home Depot Freebies

I love home centers.   I get sucked in very quickly.  I love roaming the aisles and planning and dreaming.  I also love using power tools.  I don't feel that tools are just for men.  I have my own tools that Hubby can use if he needs!  I love fixing things around the house.  I love doing basic home remodel things such as plaster/drywall repair and painting, although I definitely don't have the time or ability to do much of that now being pregnant and having a toddler who likes to climb ladders.  I like knowing how things work so I don't need to rely on others all the time or so when a repair person comes, I can tell when they are feeding me a line of bologna!

Home Depot is offering two great things - a Do-It Herself Bathroom Remodel workshop and an email circular!  Click the pictures below for more information!

Happy bargain hunting!


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