Thursday, January 28, 2010

High Value Kraft Coupons

Just a quick post.  Click through to this website to print of a bunch of great high-value coupons!  You can use your browser's back button to print two of each!  If the coupons don't print for you, you may need to either sign in with Kraft foods or create a free account.

Coupons include:
  • $1 off Philadelphia Cream Cheese
  • $1 off Velveeta
  • $1 off Planters
  • $1 off Capri-Sun (pair this with the Kroger sale for a near freebie!)
  • $1 off Kraft Parmesean cheese
  • $1 off Sour Cream
  • $1 off Deluxe Kraft Mac n Cheese
Plus many more!


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