Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big Changes A-Comin'

I have spent this past month really examining my reasons for blogging.  I've been evaluating my strengths and weaknesses and my loves and desires in the bloggy world. 

This blog's image will be changing a bit over the next month.  More than the overall look, the content will be changing as well.  I have realized that my passion just isn't passing on every single fabulous deal.  My passion isn't posting scenarios for saving money at stores.  Plenty of other bloggers do that much more effectively than I do.  My passion lies with teaching.

This blog will still feature great deals.  I will still post freebies and cheapies and great offers.  I will still post ways to earn money from home.  Rather than spend my time and energy (which is quickly dwindling with baby #2 on the way) posting detailed lists of sales at each store plus scenarios matching up coupons and sales, I will spend my time and energy teaching.

I will be teaching about:
  • how to find coupons
  • how to use coupons by the rules
  • how to save money various ways
  • how to make money from home
  • how to stretch the budget farther than its been stretched before
  • how to get started with bargain shopping at various stores
  • how to take advantage of specific sales and deals
  • how to make money blogging
  • any other topics that are on my heart or that readers request!
Why the change?  I have spent much of my life as a teacher and it is just in my blood.    I also am passionate about using the resources God has given us wisely.  EVERYTHING we have is His, not ours.  We are simply stewards.  I want to be the best steward I can be.  I want to share ways to be a better steward with others.

I encourage you to stick with me during this transition.  I hope to offer more ways to give feedback so that I can teach what you, the readers, would like to learn in regards to saving money.  For now, please feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email at penguinelk at with any questions, concerns, and comments you may have.  I really appreciate any input.

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Anonymous said...

God blessed me with you and he gave you the gift of teaching. As a child you would teaach all of your dolls and stuffed animals and they learned alot. But most of all, you taught me. You taught me how to love unconditionally, how to compromise, how to let go when I really didn,t want to. I watched you mature in your faith and love for God and that helped me grow as well. Your blog will be awesome like you. I love you so much. MOM

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