Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Counter-Cultural Christmas!

Just a few days left until Christmas! I wanted to point out a few non-traditional Christmas gifts that are sure to bless not only your recipient but also the real recipient who is often half a world away. I love gifts that bless many people!  Disclaimer:  I receive no compensation to promote these websites.

Free Wheelchair Mission
For just $59.20, you can purchase a wheelchair in someone's name. By purchasing this wheelchair, you are providing dignity to someone who has been on the ground. This video explains it so much better than I could.

Be the Light in 2009 from Free Wheelchair Mission on Vimeo.

When you purchase a wheelchair, you receive a beautiful card explaining the donation plus a gift card for that wheelchair.  The recipient can then go online and register that card.  By registering the card, they are able to choose where the wheelchair goes.  Awesome!

Oh - if you live in the Ohio Valley and wish to participate and donate, check out this link to take part in a special Ohio Valley donation campaign!

World Vision
World Vision is a fantastic organization.  They provide disaster relief plus general aid throughout the world.  I have purchased items through World Vision for years.  They also offer child sponsorship for those who wish to sponsor a needy child. 

Check out the gift catalog!  You can donate in someone's name and change lives all at once.  Here are some gift options:
  • 2 Chickens $25 - provide eggs, meat, and an income from bred chickens to a family without reliable food sources.
  • $350 Worth of Necessities in USA $25 - diapers, clothing, blankets, shoes, toiletries for struggling families here in the US.
  • Provide clean water with a Share of a Deep Well for just $100.
  • Education for 1 Child $32

Just think.  Americans - not worldwide - spend $10 BILLION on Christmas gifts.  How much of an impact could we have on the hurting and desperate in this world if we simply allocated a small 10% of our regular Christmas budget to helping those less fortunate?  Chew on that!

Merry Christmas!


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