Friday, December 11, 2009

Break From the Deals - Busy Day!

Well, I apologize that I have no deals to post.  I will say that you should check out my giveaway on my other blog for 2 great childrens Christmas books.  Enter daily until Sunday at 6pm!

Today was just too busy to search for deals.  My church (which I LOVE) is having their first Blessing Boutique Saturday morning.  The Blessing Boutique is a chance for parents to "shop" for clothes and toys for their children - all at no cost to them!  I am so excited about all the families that will be blessed by this boutique.

About a week ago, I started laundering donated clothing clothing.  I got so busy with Little Man that I didn't get things ironed or hung on hangers until yesterday.  I was up until about 1am ironing!  Talk about procrastination!  Early this morning, Hubby watched Little Man while I loaded the van with all the clothes PLUS a bunch of fun gifts for our MOPS Christmas party that was this morning!  Little Man and I got to church and had a great time at MOPS.  After MOPS, I fed Little Man and put him in the crib in the nursery at church in hopes that he would nap.  I went to help set up for the boutique. 

Little Man ended up napping for 2 hours!  Woohoo!  I was able to help until nearly 4pm (we got to church at 9am).  After getting home, we had dinner and got Little Man his bath (he had spaghetti for the first time).  I am just now able to sit down to get caught up online!

Don't you just love the feeling of accomplishment after a really busy day?  I know I do!  Well, it is off to an early bed for me!  Thank you to my friend, Missy, for the pictures of our Blessing Boutique set up!


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