Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What Surveys Do I Do?

I recently had someone ask me about the surveys that I do. I have addressed this issue several times on this blog in the past and just wanted to quickly revisit it.  At first, I was just happy for something to do while on the couch either very pregnant and ordered to rest or nursing my newborn constantly.  Then I started seeing a bit of an income.  I learned that if I make $3 a day on surveys, that is close to $100 each month.  In our world, $100 per month is HUGE.  I am not quite that productive yet, but getting better each month.  The trick is to sign up for as many survey companies as possible and focus energy on the ones that begin producing.  I have let many companies fall to the wayside.  Here are my favorites.  They may work well for you, or you may have success elsewhere.
  • Mindfield Online - I don't qualify for many surveys, but the disqualification happens very quickly as opposed to sites that take 10 minutes or more before disqualification.  Every so often, I check my account and find that somehow I have enough to cash out!  This company has a $5 cash out threshold.  Email survey invites clearly state amount of compensation for each survey.  I have found that responding quickly results in more completed surveys as their quotas fill up fast.
  • Opinion Outpost - This has to be my favorite site.  I have made $75 since April.  The cash out process has recently changed. Paper checks are being phased out.  You can cash out for an amazon gift card at $5 where you recieve your gift card code immediately.  You can cash out for a prepaid debit card at $25.  You can read all the details on my review post.
  • BuzzBack Research - This company has been sending a bunch of surveys lately.  The surveys themselves are quite different from the normal surveys.  They often require creating a collage of images to express your thoughts and feelings on various concepts.  This company pays well and relatively quickly by paper check.
  • SayNation! - This site has at least one survey to attempt each day.  Even teenagers are able to have their own accounts and complete surveys.  Points are awarded for completed surveys and even surveys that you don't qualify for pay 25 points for attempting.  There are TONS of prizes to choose from.  I currently am working towards a $20 Amazon gift card.  The one downside, this company takes a long time to deliver payment.  My last Amazon card took one month to arrive.
  • MySurvey - Point values on surveys are often low, but if you qualify for the full survey, the amount increases and you are made aware of the new compensation.  I am starting to receive more invites from this company.  There is also a nice referral program (click my link at the top of this post if you are interested!).
  • Valued Opinions - I have had a lot of success with this company.  The surveys are fair length.  I qualify for at least half of the ones I am invited to try.  The compensation is clearly stated.  The cashout threshold is higher than I like - $20 - but I can reach that in 4 - 6 weeks.  Checks are mailed fairly promptly once requested.
  • ePoll - This site seems to just fill with money with hardly any effort.  The surveys seem to be mostly about popular culture and are fun and fast to take.  The surveys are worth certain point values.  Points can be redeemed for several prizes.  I choose a check!
  • Toluna - This is the newest company I am trying.  I receive several survey invitations each day.  Invites state a compensation amount range.  I get a little frustrated when after completing a long survey, my compensation ends up being the lowest of the range.  There are easy polls on the main site that pay in points that add up over time.  The cash out threshold seems a bit high to me.  There is a reward of a $15 VIP Gift Pass for 45,000 points and a $20 check option for 60,000 points.  After 3 weeks of somewhat involved survey taking, I am at 25,000 points.
If you choose to do surveys, it is helpful to have a special email address dedicated just to surveys to avoid spam in your regular inbox.  I have not had a problem with spam from any of these companies.  Some people recommend answering the survey as if you are someone in a more desireable demographic (for example a 91 year old male) but I recommend honesty.  Answering surveys for money under false pretenses is fraud.  Survey companies do have quality control measures that can track basic demographic information and will shut down your account and hold any rewards if you are found to be fraudulent.

Do I spend all my time taking surveys?  No.  I spend maybe 30 minutes a day.  Some days I don't do any while other days I take as many as I can.  This week I have earned $14.50 so far.  Every penny counts!

Happy survey taking!


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