Saturday, November 7, 2009

Grocery Shopping Online with Alice

I just got a GREAT deal on haircolor!  I hate spending more than $2 on haircolor.  I scored 2 boxes of great Clairol Balsam haircolor for $1.90 total with free shipping!

How, you ask?  Through alice.comAlice is a grocery website.  The beauty is that Alice finds coupons for you and helps you find great deals.  If you sign up now, you get $10 in your account once you spend a total of $50!

Now, not all the prices are super low.  When browsing, keep in mind what prices are for goods locally.  If you hunt carefully, you can find some great deals!  Remember, shipping is always free and you will not spend any money on gas!  What can be better - great deals on groceries delivered right to your door?!?!?!

Definitely check out Alice - I am excited to keep bargain hunting from my recliner!


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