Sunday, November 22, 2009

Free Thanksgiving eBooks and Help for Your Gravy

Oh yum!  Thanksgiving is almost here!  Laura at Heavenly Homemakers has been offering some great suggestions for making the Thanksgiving meal simple and tasty.  Click over to learn about making the perfect gravy and how to cook your turkey ahead of time so that it is tender and moist when you serve it.

I have some great Thanksgiving offers for you!  Now, when I do these offers myself, I skip through all the other offers these companies ask me to try.  It takes just a moment to do this and I still get the original offer as I wanted.  I also use an alternate (junk) email address so my friends/family email doesn't get clogged with random offers.  I do a LOT of these offers!

Here's a free ebook with 30 really cute Thanksgiving craft ideas!  These are so cute!


I just love cooking big feasts.  I also love finding new recipes.  Here is a free ebook with 30 recipes on 54 pages devoted to Thanksgiving recipes!

Thanksgiving Recipes

This last one has to be my favorite.  Not only does this book have recipes, it also has tips from experts plus COUPONS!

I hope you enjoy these ebooks!  Remember - it is time to take that Turkey and put it in the fridge to thaw!  You don't want a surprise on Thanksgiving day where you find that your bird hasn't thawed the whole way through!  Oh - if you use the cold water in the sink method, make sure you empty and refill the sink every half hour to limit bacteria growth. 


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