Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday - Going With the Flow

So, yesterday, Baby turned ONE!  Boy, that year flew by!  I scampered around like a madwoman to throw a birthday party for family and friends.  I learned an important lesson during this scampering:

Thou shalt not "wing it" with fondant.

The cake turned out well, just nothing like I had planned.  I had envisioned a beautiful cake that liiked like 2 presents wrapped in dark chololate with colorful ribbons and bows stacked on each other.  Um.  No.  That didn't happen.  I read a few fondant recipes (my first try using it let alone making it) and found one I liked, however, it was for WHITE fondant.  I wanted CHOCOLATE fondant.  So, I dumped in some cocoa powder at the last minute.  As I put the fondant in the fridge overnight, it resembled either a shriveled brain or a giant turd.  Yeah.  The color didn't work the way I had expected.

After baking all morning, I began to assemble my "present" cake.  Shaping a box mix cake isn't the easiest task.  After a half hour of making a crumbly mess, I realized the cake looked more like a vehicle than a present.  Add in the turd color of the fondant and you get:


I am thankful for one piece of advice from the recipe I decided to not follow:
Advice from Peggy: "One of the first things that I learned in cake decorating is to relax and have fun. Try to remember that you are working in a medium that is meant to be eaten. It won’t be around 50 years from now. The memories and pictures might be around, but I can promise you that the important part of all of this is that you went to the effort and everyone was delighted.

Lesson two is that no cake decorator creates a perfect cake; the pros just know how to
correct the errors
and go on. The cake that I’m going to use today is a dense, moist cake that will hold its shape under the weight of what can be a heavy bit of icing and decorations."

I am thankful I didn't go all out with a specific theme.  Going with the flow works for me!

Oh - to add to the excitement of the birthday, Baby started walking on Monday and we found out we are PREGNANT on Sunday!

Oh - a cleaning tip for this themed edition of WFMW!  I love Flylady and some of her routines.   The one that works for me is the shiny sink routine.  Each day, I try to go to bed with a clean kitchen and an empty sink.  The day just starts off better that way.  My favorite cleaning tip - after wiping the counters with water to get the gunk off, I pour a little vinegar on them and wipe.  The vinegar naturally disinfects.  Another plus - the kitchen smells like EASTER!  You know - the smell of dyeing Easter eggs in vinegar?  Yeah. 

Head on over to We Are THAT Family to see other great tips!


Faerie Mom said...

Wow! An exciting week for sure and it is only Wednesday! Congrats on your pregnancy and happy bday to the baby! I have never tried making a cake with fondant ... with my luck it would really look like a turd when I got done! LOL

steadymom said...

Congratulations on another baby! What fun.

Yes, I've had my own birthday party stresses in the past - definitely have come to realize that simpler is better.


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