Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kroger Deals and Halloween Freebies

I want to thank Coupon Chick for linking to these very helpful blogs listing great deals at Kroger this week for their Mega Sale event!
 Now, on to Halloween.  We don't really celebrate Halloween here.  I really don't like the scary aspect and the greed aspect.  I don't mind costumes, just not gory ones or sexy ones.  I mean, what's up with all the costumes that go down to size 2T that look like stripper witches?  Ick!  Anyway, when we decorate, we use a harvest theme.  We do give out candy.  Baby does dress up (just wait til I post the pics from this year - he's so stinkin cute!).  Trick or Treating around here is only one hour.  There are many options for activities such as community parades and church parties.

Anyway, there are many great Halloween crafts,  recipes, and coupons all for free.  Click the pictures below to check them out!

Halloween Crafts

Halloween Recipes


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