Wednesday, October 14, 2009

AlikeList Gift Card Update, CVS, and More....

I was curious if AlikeList was still offering a $25 gift card for signing up, reviewing 20 businesses, and signing 3 friends under you, so I emailed them.  I was assured the promotion is going on until October 20th!  Sign up and get 3 friends under you!  Review 20 local businesses!  Get a $25 gift card!  Here is the email from the company to me:

Hi Audra,

Thanks for checking out AlikeList! Yes, the promotion continues until Oct. 20. We're sending out or next batch of gift cards this Friday, so if you build your Like List with 20 businesses and get 3 friends to join, you'll receive your gift card this week. Let me know if you have any questions. 

Sarah, Community Specialist 

CVS and Reuseable Bags!
Many stores offer a discount for bringing your own reuseable bags.  CVS is joining in!  Coming soon to a CVS near you is the "Green Bag Tag."  This tag costs just $.99.  When you bring your own bags, the cashier will scan your green bag tag.  After 4 scans (1 scan per visit), you receive $1 Extra Care Buck!  Grab yours as soon as you can!  (thanks Hip to Save)

Login or join Victoria's Secret Pink and receive a coupon for a free panty + $10 off any bra.  Coupon expires November 9th.  (thanks Saving Money and Living Life)


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