Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday - Planner

I procrastinate.  I have been putting off updating my planner for weeks.  I have information scattered all over the place.  It definitely does not make for an efficient household!  Because of my lack of planning, I double booked my Friday and now I am stuck in the house for nearly two weeks.  Why, you ask?  I'll tell you!

When we bought our van, we got a special warranty as part of the package.  This warranty covers the engine for the life of the vehicle plus gives us free oil changes and tires as long as we own the van.  Great deal, eh?  Well, the warranty is pretty strict.  Oil changes must happen every 3000 miles.  Not 3100, and apparently not 2900.  Oil changes must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance since every vehicle bought from this dealership has the same warranty and the service department is quite busy.  I knew we would be close but I scheduled the van for this Friday.  I also scheduled a meeting with a mortgage broker to discuss possibly refinancing our home for Friday just a half hour later.  We are now just a few miles over the 3000 and I have to wait until NEXT Thursday to take it in since I had to reschedule.  I can't drive anywhere or else I risk having us bumped out of this program.

Well, to takcle this problem, I got started in my planner!  I don't have the usual planner.  I posted a few months back about my tip for ex-teachers to stay organized.  I use a $1 teacher's lesson plan book that I found at Target.  It just makes sense to me.

Here are all the glorious blank pages.  Part of my procrastination was the desire to not start a system that wasn't perfect. 

And now, my week is planned. The next step is to write in dates and structure for the next month so I don't get behind again!

How is it organized?  I use the Mon - Fri down the left side for the regular week.   I add Sat and Sun vertically on the last two columns on the right.  My columns are:  appointments, to do, shopping, meals/fun, Saturday, Sunday.  I love all the space I have - I can even write in shpping lists!

Join in over at 5 Minutes for Mom to see what else is being tackled!


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