Sunday, September 13, 2009

Freebies, Deals, and Coupons

We are all pretty sleepy today.  Hubby played at church last night (in the worship band) while I did childcare.  Hubby played in all 3 services this morning.  Baby had a decent night sleep-wise and we even went back to bed to snuggle-nap around 7:30am.  Of course, just as I fall into a deep sleep, the dog starts barking and doesn't stop until Baby is WIDE awake.  So, no extra sleep - just a tease that made me even more tired!

I am excited to go to our worship team picnic today.  The weather is just gorgeous.  Sunny with a high of 78!  Plus, I get to wear my new shoes!  Oh - I am very excited that my feet seem to have grown with my pregnancy.  I wore a 5 1/2 forever.  The past 5 years or so, most stores have stopped carrying that size and just stock size 6 and up.  I dreaded shoe shopping more than swimsuit or blue jean shopping.  I had been banished to Walmart, PayLess, ugly old lady "dress up" shoes, and kids shoes.  Now I can wear a 6 or 6 1/2!  Grown-up shoes, here I come!

Here are some deals for the day!
  • Free dolby sound effects  including the really cool THX sound at the start of movies 
  • 30% off all Fisher Price infant toys at Toys R Us
  • Kroger's MEGA sale is back!  Check your circular for great deals!
  • Sign up for  Occasionally, you receive coupons in your email.  These dollar off order coupons (usually $5 off order) can be redeemed for cash if you do not want to order a magazine! (thanks
  • Check your emails for an extra 20% off coupon for Kohl's!  Just print and save!  You can also save online by entering the code  MENSWEAR.
  • Start hoarding your Huggies coupons.  Rite Aid will be having a 3 for $33 sale with $10 SCR next week.
  • Rite Aid's Gift of Savings program begins today!  Make sure you enter all of your receipts here even if they don't qualify for SCR!  Promotion ends October 17th.  The amounts listed below are BEFORE coupons!
  • To add to the Rite Aid sweetness, take part in the video program where you watch short videos to earn coupons.  Watch several videos and get a $5/$20 coupon!  Also, you can click over here to download and print a $5/$25 coupon!  Remember, if you use these coupons, give them FIRST and then hand over the rest of your coupons.


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