Thursday, September 10, 2009

Freebie Run

I just had to share a great run at Target plus a very important thing I learned on this trip!  First of all, here's my loot:

In case you can't see, there are:
  • 4 Glade candle tins (on sale for $1.66 each)
  • 2 Glade 2oz soy Fragrance Collection candles ($2.99 each)
  • 1 Gerber bottle ($.99)
  • 2 Johnson & Johnson travel first aid kits ($.99 each)
I paid $1.50 for all of it.  Total.

I used:
  • 4 $1.50 candle tin coupons that come in the candle tins (on sale for $1.66 each, so I paid $.16 each)
  • 2 $3.00 any Glade Fragrance Collection item printable that was out a few weeks back
  • 1 Target coupon from a recent mailer for $1 off any baby feeding accessory (another clerk a few days back told me bottles didn't count since the picture was for utensils and wouldn't let me use the coupon - she DID let me use a different coupon that had a picture of shampoo on it but said any toiletry item to purchase Q-Tips) and the bottle was $.99
  • 2 $1 off any J&J first aid product excluding trial size (found in Rite Aid on a display)
What did I learn?  
I learned that if one cashier doesn't understand the coupon, just try again later with a different one.  There was a manager helping my cashier today and she had no problem with any of my coupons - she just adjusted down so that I didn't get overage.  Most importantly, I learned that customer service can be your friend.

How, you ask?  Well, one of my $3 coupons had fallen into the stroller.  I didn't see it until we got to the car.  I knew my total was too high and I just couldn't find the error at first.  Once I loaded our stuff in the car, I found the missing coupon and went back in the store to customer service.  I had my coupon and my receipt and my explanation.  No problem whatsoever!  The cashier handed me the $3 cash! 

I had heard of people taking coupons to customer service after the fact and had never tried it.  I thought it seemed a little dishonest.  Well, I honestly overlooked a coupon.  Target gets reimbursed the full $3, so they aren't losing any money.  Now I will always triple check my receipts and fix errors right away!


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