Friday, September 18, 2009

Favorites Friday - YouData

I like making a little money on the side.  Who doesn't?  I especially like it when it is easy!  I recently found a company that pays you for reading advertisements.  I was skeptical at first, but it really works.  The YouData program is quite easy.   Any time I am online, I quickly check my account and view any ads.  It takes just seconds.  My earnings are stored  and dispersed through PayPal each Friday.  I have been paid consistently.

Here is the referral letter written by YouData.  It does a great job of explaining the details of this program.

Dear Friend,
I found something that I think you will like. The company's name is YouData ( They are trying to convince consumers like us that we should be the ones controlling our own data and selling our own attention, not third parties like broadcasters, newspapers, and spammers. By creating a MeFile at, I now control what ads I see and when I see them. Best part - I am selling my attention directly to interested advertisers, for real money. That's right, I get paid for giving them my attention. I can use the funds to buy music and video online, donate to charities, give to my favorite blogs and websites, or keep the change myself and do whatever I want with it.
It's real. They pay. You should check it out.
Click this link to sign up. My MeFile ID, penguinelk, in the "Referral Code" will tell them I sent you.
Take care,

I have only done this for 3 weeks.  I have made about $2 so far.  Not big bucks by any stretch of the imagination, but it is nice to have that little bit coming into PayPal to pay for stamps for coupon trading! 

I do like YouData.  I like how easy it is.  I like how they pay out weekly.  I like how they pay to PayPal.  Give it a try!


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