Thursday, August 13, 2009

Survey Update 3

This will be a short update. I NO LONGER recommend MyView!!!! I have done a ton of surveys plus one product trial for them and thought I was raking in the dough (they claimed to pay between $1 - $3 per survey payable through PayPal). I decided to check my status (have tried in the past without success) to see if I could cash out yet. After many failed attempts I finally emailed customer service to learn that I had been credited for NOT A SINGLE SURVEY!!! They said I had entered a bunch of raffles but had not completed any surveys (even though I got to the screen that said "you may now close this browser window"). After responding I got another response stating the same thing and that basically they won't do anything to look into it. I let them know that I think their company is a scam and I removed myself from their list. I checked them out on SurveyPolice (which I should have done from the beginning) and found that this is a common problem. They just use their members then discard them while profiting from the research gained.


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