Saturday, August 29, 2009


What an end to the week! We ended up being without internet for 2 more days plus Baby got sick! I noticed Thursday that Baby seemed to be a bit warm. I was out of town and didn't get to take a non-tylenol-effected temp until late that night when Baby was up and really fussy. He was up to 101 F. Even more alarming than the fever (remember, I'm a first time mom) was a lesion on his leg. It started as a pimple-type thing and morphed into a welt of grossness the size of a silver dollar.

We spent the night sleeping fitfully in the recliner and called the doc first thing in the morning. I even canceled my first eye exam in 6 years. Our normal doc wasn't in but we were able to get in with her associate late Friday afternoon. It turns out, Baby has a type of staph infection, one that is more resistant to antibiotics, called MRSA. Thankfully, the doc explained it is the community variety rather than the much more dangerous hospital variety. We started baby on antibiotics and had one more fitful night (with no internet to research information on his illness at all) in the recliner but thankfully have had no fever since 10am! Also, we have internet again!

Here is what his leg looked like this morning after having antibiotics in his system for 12 hours. The doc had lanced it to drain it and it looks quite a bit smaller and less gross than the day before.


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