Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Random Thoughts

I am filled to overflowing. I taught for 9 years. My students have always felt like my children. Due to the nature of my jobs, I would see the same students year after year and would get really close to them. My last job was teaching 6-12 vocal music. It was a rewarding and very trying job. Recently, thanks to Facebook, I have been in touch with one of my students who graduated a year ago. We had a rocky start together 4 years ago. He wasn't motivated in school and liked to make things difficult for me. He would not sing with any amount of volume and often would just not sing at all. Fast forward to his senior year. By the end of the year, he was singing solos for me at concerts and performing on guitar. Early this summer, I got a message from him thanking me. He thanked me for helping him have the courage to play guitar and sing on his own at a gig at a coffee house. He also let me know he was leaving for basic training the following day. I messaged him back to let him know I was proud of him. Today I saw pictures of him with his shaved head and spiffy uniform having just completed basic. Once again, I just had to let him know how proud I am of him. Is it possible to tell a teenager you are proud too often?

Completely different subject. Sleep. We don't get much of it here. Baby is still working on getting 4 teeth through and wants to let us know EVERY time he feels one move even a teeny bit. Last night I just gave up sleeping in my bed and moved to the recliner in the nursery. Thankfully, he is quite a happy camper anytime he is awake. He loves barking at the dog. Most children start speaking with dada and mama and things like that. Our son barks. No words, just barking.

We are in the process of rotating toys this week. We are nearly ready (sob sob) to store the exersaucer. We are running out of ways to safely contain baby when we need a moment. We still have the pack n play (which he plays in quite nicely for 15 minutes at a time). We just brought out a track with balls that almost contains him. We did find one thing that he likes and that contains him - our old dog crate! It's practically new - the dog figured out how to unzip the blasted thing the second night she slept in there and it hasn't been used since. We tried to sell it before moving, but had no takers. I couldn't see throwing away a $100 portable crate and thought it would make a fun tent or hiding spot for a little one someday. I was right! What good parents we are - putting our child in a dog crate to play. (just a note - we don't zip him in - he is able to come and go as he pleases and we leave all the "tent" flaps up for plenty of ventilation)


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