Sunday, August 30, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

So, we have a ton of leftovers to start our week with. Let's see if we can stick to my plan a little better this week! We were thrown off last week with the sick baby. Poor little guy! He's feeling better, but still having low-grade fevers. His MRSA lesion is looking quite a bit better but still quite gross.

I do have a pack of hash browns that I need to prepare before they spoil. I will be making an egg casserole early in the week to use for breakfasts through the week (our toaster oven went ka-put so it's just cereal for now unless I get my lazy/sleepy self out of bed early to make pancakes or French toast).

Monday - Spaghetti leftovers (given to us by a new mom that had what appeared to be several GALLONS of it delivered to her after the baby came home! She had enough for 3 meals for them and sent us home with 2 meals!)
Tuesday - Chicken drumsticks with biscuits and peas (corn for Hubby)
Wednesday - Mac n Cheese leftovers (complete with little bits of hot dogs)
Thursday - Chicken Quesadillas
Friday - BBQ Cupcakes - recipe here
Saturday - Burger night
Sunday - Frozen pizza


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