Saturday, July 11, 2009

Surveys and Product Trials

Well, I have been finding my groove with all these survey companies. I am paring down how many I am with so I am not overwhelmed by survey invites. I have posted on these sites quite a bit. You can read those posts here:
Lately, in addition to surveys, I have been doing product trials that resulted from the surveys. I currently am doing 3 different trials - waffles, shampoo/conditioner, and baby wipes! I just love getting free stuff to try! Non-survey sites that do product trials that might interest you are:
Here's a quick rundown of the survey/other companies I have tried and that I use. One fantastic resource to evaluate companies is Survey Police! Check it out!
  • Glamspotters - I saw this site recommended on SlickDeals so I signed up. I have not done anything with it and do not plan to.
  • Baker St. Solutions - About once a month I get an email for a survey from them. I usually do not qualify, but if you do, the compensation is fair. I have not earned any money from them yet.
  • MIT Behavioral Research Lab - once again, recommended on SlickDeals. I have not done anything with them yet and don't plan to. Most studies are on-campus and we are not local.
  • Yale School of Management - I do surveys regularly here. I have not earned any money (lottery system for higher dollar Amazon cards) but have really enjoyed the short surveys.
  • BuzzBack Market Research - I have done a couple of surveys for them. There is no way to check balance, so I have no idea how much I have earned (under $10) and have no idea when I might see that money. I'll still do surveys occasionally for them to see what happens.
  • Fieldwork Focus Groups - Supposedly this pays really well, but we aren't local. I have not done anything with them.
  • Ipsos I-Say Survey - I have been signed up for many years but have yet to see a survey from them. I am surprised since this company comes highly rated.
  • MySurvey - I have not done much with this company. I was able to sign up for MyView through this company though so that has been a plus.
  • SayNation - I don't make this site my priority, but it is a good company. You can take at least one survey per day. They have a good referral program and good rewards for participating.
  • Opinion Outpost - I Heart Opinion Outpost! I have made $46.00 since April and am just waiting on my last check to arrive. I can't say enough good things. They have a good referral program as well. Send me your email address if you'd like to sign up under me!
  • Mindfield Online - I have yet to qualify for a survey. I get at least 4 invites per week, so if you are in a different demographic, you might have more success!
  • Valued Opinions - My technical difficulties have been remedied. I have earned $20 since November with this company. Not the greatest payout, but definitely worth a look.
  • MyView - I am doing a product trial (waffles) currently for them. They pay directly into PayPal so it is super easy!
  • SurveyHead - I just don't have the time or interest for this one.
  • Resolution Research - I haven't done a survey for this company yet.
  • - This is NOT a survey company. It is a game portal. By playing simple games and occasionally watching an advertisement, you earn points toward a prize of your choice. I am playing for a $5 Amazon gift card.
  • Global Opinion Panels (Synovate) - I like this company. I am doing a product trial for them currently (shampoo/conditioner).
  • InBox Dollars - Not really a survey site. Basically, you can read ads through email for a few cents. Referrals net you a few cents. Occaionally, a survey will be posted that will earn up to a dollar. The big bucks come when you click through their ads and follow through with offers (that often cost money). I have not done any offers. Once I get my first payout, I probably won't continue.
  • Neilsen Homescan - I am excited about this one. I am on a waiting list for a scanner. I don't really know all the details, but I would earn points by scanning everything I purchase and uploading that information once per week.
  • Mills Advisory Panel - General Mills has this as their consumer input. You can answer surveys to earn points for prizes. I have been told there is a possibilty of product trials. I get about one survey per month.
  • American Consumer Opinion - I have been with this company for awhile. It is a good company. I did many surveys a few years back but didn't reach the cash out threshold so I quit. I recently re-joined and have not qualified for a survey yet.
  • MyOpinionNow - I have not done much with this company yet but they do have a good referral program and get decent reviews.
  • EPoll - featured on 60 Minutes. I just don't have time for it.
  • CashCrate - AVOID THIS!!! Read this review. I fell for it but thankfully got out before I got scammed at all.
After looking over this list, I have to wonder - do I have a life? Anyway, I have been pickier lately since I have less time with a now very mobile baby. I encourage you to use a junk email address for surveys to help keep things simple. Have fun!


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