Thursday, July 2, 2009

Money Saving Minute

We have discovered a great way to save money while doing painting projects! It seems counter-intuitive, but by spending a little money, we end up saving both time and money. I have tried to save money painting by purchasing primer and trim paint at Walmart since it is quite a bit less expensive. Well, this time around, I primed with a good quality primer and had a GREAT result in just one coat - once we added the color, we just needed one coat and some touch-ups. I started the trim painting with the Walmart paint (on top of primer since I knew it would take several coats - it took 4 coats to go from light beige to white in Baby's room). I got fed up and drove to Sherwin Williams and purchased a gallon of high quality trim paint. Yes, it was a bit more expensive, but it saved days of painting multiple layers. It saved headaches. We used just about a quart for a LOT of tall, old-fashioned trim on baseboards, a window, and two doors.

By spending a little more on quality products, I saved time and saved money by using many fewer coats of paints. Lowest cost isn't always the least expensive!


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