Monday, July 27, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

Well, it is always hard to plan meals after vacation where nearly every meal was eaten out! This week is, as usual, out of the ordinary. Hubby will be gone most nights so meals will need to be either really early or really late.

So, I started this post at 11am. It is now 9:30pm and I still have not finished! Here's the quick and dirty version:

Monday - leftover frozen pizza
Tuesday - Meat Pie
Wednesday - Grilled Chicken
Thursday - Stroganoff
Friday - Burgers/Dogs on the grill
Saturday - Pork roast
Sunday - "Best Of" leftover night


Becca said...

What kind of frozen pizza do you eat? I love Red Baron :)

Penny Penguin said...

Red Baron is yummy! I am a sucker for the all natural Wolfgang Puck or the California Pizza Kitchen, but they are often not in the budget. We go for what ever we get cheapest.

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