Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gratituesday:Home Sweet Home

Over the past 9 years we have moved. A lot. We have owned 4 houses, none of which we have rented out. We have lived in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Tennessee, Nebraska, and West Virginia. With each move, I was more and more guarded about feeling "at home." I was afraid of making the close friendships just in time to move away. It just hurts too much.

I am home now. Home from vacation. Home to stay. Home where we won't be moving for many, many years. Hubby has no more schooling. No more summers filled with packing and unpacking from big moves. Summers are now for packing for family vacations.

Now that we are back from our first vacation while in this house, I a am noticing anew - we are HOME. Unpacking feels different now - better. We can take our time fixing rooms to be just how we like rather than fixing them for resale.

We've been here a year. The walls I built up in our previous moves are slowly coming down. I thank God for the years of moving around. He used those years to show us that Heaven is our true home. He has now blessed us with an earthly home for years to come.

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CalvaryGirl said...

This is a beautiful post. We have moved quite a bit as well. Same area, but have always rented. There's always a guard up while renting because it's not "mine". After we moved here, a house that fit the very description of what I had imagined "our home" to be, the Lord showed me- home is where my family is. These are just walls around us. For us, it is more responsible to rent. Until the Lord moves differently, this is where we'll be. Happy, healthy, and together :o)

btw, I followed the mr linky from heavenly homemakers, but there are two mistakes in the URL that is supposed to bring you here and you get a broken link page. thought you might wanna know that :)

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