Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Grocery Budget Challenge

At the start of the month of June, I challenged myself in the area of the grocery budget. We normally spent around $350 on groceries for the three of us (Baby was mostly nursed so not much went to him). I knew I could do better. I challenged myself to cut back to just $200 for one month. I did my last grocery trip of the month and wanted to report on how that challenge went.

I am pleased to say that I cut our grocery spending by a little more than $100 this past month! I DID go over budget, but honestly, that was a conscious decision during my trip today. I looked at what we needed and knew I could bring us in under budget. I also looked at how Kroger is my weak spot and that I need to limit the number of my trips. I spent $50 extra dollars today to get the things we needed to get through the first week in July. I was pretty happy with this total!

As we approach July, think about how much you can cut out of your grocery budget! Our budget will be different this coming month because of a week of vacation. Our budget for groceries will be about $200 (I am leaving a little wiggle room for the next K-Mart super double promotion) but our eating out budget will greatly increase. We have been saving up for just this occasion.

Let me know how you are cutting back this month!

Here are some links to help you cut that budget:
  • - add coupons directly to your shopper card
  • - more coupons to add directly to your shopper card
  • - even more coupons to add directly to your shopper card
Remember to give your shopper card to the cashier first! You can also use paper coupons with the electronic coupons for more savings! One example - today I bought a jumbo pack of Huggies diapers. They were on sale for $8.99. I used a $1.50 coupon plus had another $1.50 electronic coupon. That brings the total to $5.99. I can also send my receipt to Caregivers Marketplace for a $.75 rebate on this purchase. My total for that pack of diapers is a sweet $5.24 or $.15 per diaper.


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