Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gratituesday: Busyness

Busyness - not something many people are longing for. It isn't top on the list of desirable things, in fact, it is the antithesis of what is most often desired: rest. What would you rather have, a relaxing day watching movies on the couch or a day of running errands? Don't get me wrong, I love a day of being a vegetable as much as the next but I have been quite thankful for busyness lately.

I have spent the last year adjusting to about a bazillion changes. I went from being a busy middle school and high school music teacher to a full-time domestic engineer. I had something going on several nights a week plus at least one weekend each month, usually more. Add to that the busyness of church life with small group meetings, teaching Sunday school, and writing, preparing, and directing special holiday programs. Also add in home life busyness with keeping up and fixing up a 100 year old home with a husband who is just as busy working to finish a doctorate and work any side jobs teaching and performing music that came along.

Add to the abrupt change in career a move across the country. We moved from the midwest to the east coast this past summer while I was 7 months pregnant. Also add in a 4 week premature baby. Lastly, add in struggles with post pardum mood disorders (I prefer this term over post pardum depression since I didn't struggle with depression as much as anxiety). You can read about the PPMD issues here.

After all these changes, I found myself overwhelmed and struggling to get things done. I think I just wasn't busy enough! We just had several days of running around like crazy and I have gotten so much more done each day than the days where I am less busy.

On the flipside, I am thankful for the fatigue that follows busyness. That fatigue reminds us that we are not God. God needs no sleep. We fragile humans do. I am thankful for busyness!


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