Thursday, June 18, 2009

CVS MoneyMaker

I plan to post in a few days the ins and outs of CVS shopping. I had to post this money maker deal today though! If you shop CVS or want to start, get yourself an Extra Care card for free and do this deal! (If the deal stops working, you can either keep the $2 worth of product or return it)

The Deal

When you purchase 2 Style Science Lens Cleansing Cloths at $.99 each, $10 ECB's (Extra Care Bucks - money to use in the store) print! I cannot guarantee that this will work for everyone. I went out today and tried the deal and it worked for me. I found mine back by the sunglasses and reading glasses. It was a silver pouch with moist wipes in it. A BIG thank you to MoneySavingMom for pointing out this deal!

If you are new to CVS and do this deal, save your receipt! You will see the $10 ECB printed below the normal receipt. You can use that like cash on your next purchase of $10 or more in the store!

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Suzanne said...

We're learning in our end of the world that it's not just that specific brand. I think what happened is that these wipes were labeled at sunglasses (they are buy 2 get $10ECBs this week). I can't remember the brand I have, but it's Sun (something). Sorry, it's int he car and it a monsoon out there.

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