Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hello World!

Hi all! I have been contemplating keeping a blog other than just a family update blog but have procrastinated starting one. I was worried about doing everything just right. Well, it's time to dive right on in! I want to clearly state my intentions for this little piece of the web, more for myself than for any potential readers. These lists will help me stay on track as I grow into this blog.

My intentions for this blog are:
  • to glorify God with my words and actions and point others to Him
  • to give others a glimpse into the life of another normal stay at home mom who is just learning how to do this domestic engineer thing
  • to share great tips on saving money and stretching a dollar most of which I glean from those who are much wiser than I am
  • to share things I have learned through life thus far
This blog will not be:
  • the place to find all the latest deals, although I will post many deals here
  • a place for argument or drama
  • a place to find the latest gossip
  • a diary of every little thing happening in my life
I welcome comments although they won't post right away. Please be kind as I am just learning!


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