Sunday, February 28, 2010

Free Beading eBook, Printing Deals, MS Awareness, Giveaway Ending

Good Morning!  What a busy day today!  We're having my parents for a visit.  They can't wait to see Buggy!  They will help me get the new baby's room cleared out so we can move some furniture in.  I want to be READY this time - even if  he decides to surprise us a month early like Buggy did!

On to the deals for today!  Make sure you get your Sunday paper!  It's not the greatest week for coupons, but every coupon helps.  I have found that when I purchase at the store, I need to look through to make sure someone didn't take the coupons out already.  Also, in my area, I can purchase papers from neighboring areas that have more and better coupons than our area gets.  I may have to drive a little bit to find a paper, but that works for me.

Next, my coupon giveaway is ending this evening.  I went through all my coupons and have great news - there will be FOUR winners rather than just two!  I found a bunch more great coupons to include!

Check out yesterday's post for details on some diaper deals and a way to help a very sweet gal (whom I taught YEARS ago) raise money and awareness for MS (she is currently fighting this horrible disease while in college).  Remember - you can vote daily for Ashley's car!

Coupons Inc.

Remember to print coupons NOW since new ones will come out tomorrow!  Get them before they are gone!


Subscribe to the FaveCrafts Quick and Crafty email newsletter for FREE and receive the Beautiful Beads eBook as a welcome gift,featuring 45 projects for jewelry sets, necklaces, earrings and home d├ęcor. When I sign up for these freebies, I use a junk email just to keep my regular inbox tidy.  The books are great though!

Family Print Center - Save 50% Off Photo Products

I love Vistaprint!  Their quality is great and the prices can't be beat!  I just ordered a custom pen plus business cards through them.  In the past, I have ordered a photo T shirt, return address stamp, return address lables, several calendars, and various other photo products.  I encourage you to check them out!  The great thing is that they offer a lot of freebies (pay only for photo uploads and shipping) to try out their services!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Deal Previews, New Coupons, Giveaway, MS, and more

Hi all!

I have a few places to direct your attention this blustery Saturday. 

First, take a few moments to peruse the "Stores" tab at the top of this page.  You will find links to bloggers who do deal match-ups.  Many have already posted deals for the week starting on 2/28.  You can learn how to stock up on coupons for these deals in my past post (which is also listed in my right hand sidebar).  Printable coupons often reset at the start of the month, so print yours now and check again on Monday!

Also, take a gander at the "Diapers" tab for the diaper deals going on this week. 

Remember, P&G is offering a great promotion where when you buy $50 worth of P&G products (before coupons are taken off), you  can submit receipts and get $100 in great coupons!  You can read all the details in my past post here.

Remember that you have until tomorrow evening to enter my coupon giveaway!  There will be at least 50 coupons per envelope!  I keep finding more, so expect some fantastic ones!  You can enter multiple times each day for a better chance to win!

There is a sweet gal that I taught years and years ago.  She was diagnosed with MS a few years back.  She is amazingly strong.  She needs our help right now.  She needs votes for her MS Awareness car.  Please click through and vote - you don't even need to leave an email address!  Vote each day so she can win!

Lastly, check the "Programs" tab at the top.  Sign up for some awesome programs and get free stuff and coupons to sweeten your deals!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Where Do I Find Coupons?

Coupons Inc.

Some coupons can be added directly to your shoppers card.  These coupons come off automatically at the register as items are scanned.  Make sure to sign up for these companies and check back every week or two for new coupons!  Print out a list of your coupons loaded for easy reference.
  • - log in using your cell number.  You will not be called, texted, or charged in any way.  Also, if you have internet on your phone, you can add other store (non-grocery) coupons right on your phone.
  • - this company is opposed to stacking a paper coupon with an electronic coupon
  • - these coupons don't take money off your total, but put money in an account for college savings or paying off a school loan (for yourself, children, family, or even friends).  You can also choose to enter credit card information so your purchases can be tracked at ANY retail or dining location for even more savings.  I did this years ago and had no problems but I currently do not have my credit card info listed.
  • - load ecoupons for pg&e products.  These update once per month.
  • - (check your own local grocery stores - thy may do something similar).  Load store and manufacturer coupons to your card.
Other coupon printing sites:
Other sources:
  • Hangtags - the little tags that hang from products in the store
  • Peelies - the coupons that are attached to products that are peeled off
  • Catalinas - the coupons that print at the register
  • Blinkies - the coupons that pop out of the machines with the blinking lights attached to store shelves
  • Free Samples - many free samples come with high value coupons
What do I do with all the coupons?
 Sometimes I find that I accumulate a ton of coupons that I know I will not use.  Do you find the same thing?  How can you maximize your savings when you have coupons you won't use?
  • Don't buy things JUST because you have a coupon - make sure you need and will use the coupons.
  • Trade coupons with friends.  Accumulate more of the coupons you need in a way that benefits all!
  • Join coupon forums and become a part of coupon trains.  Some great forums - Hot Coupon World  and We Use Coupons and A Full Cup
  • Take part in coupon giveaways on blogs - give away your coupon surplus and try to win more coupons!  
  • Be a coupon fairy.  Leave coupons in the store for products you will not use.
    Previous posts regarding finding coupons

      Thursday, February 25, 2010

      Pinecone Surveys

      Pinecone surveys is open right now!  They pay $3 per survey and pay via check very quickly.  This is my favorite survey company - you don't have to mess with not qualifying since they check that before sending the survey. 

      I have been getting about 4-6 surveys each month since I joined.  I needed to apply several times before I fit the demographics they needed.

      Spaces fill up quickly!  Click here to apply!

      Swagbucks Birthday Details, Giveaway, Diaper Trial, and Woot-Off!

      Search & Win

      Yesterday, I posted about Swagbucks second birthday today.  Well, happy birthday Swagbucks!  You can view the details I had previously posted here.

      So, how has Swagbucks changed?  You'll notice that the website has been updated and that you have more "bucks" in your account.  Swagbucks multiplied all amounts - both in account earnings and in prize prices - by 10.  They say this is to be able to reward in new ways - to reward small amounts for viewing offers and using the toolbar for example.

      What do I think of the changes?  I'm not sure yet.  It is nice to see large amounts of bucks being awarded at a time (I won 10 bucks in a search this morning).  I can see the amounts being awarded dropping over time, though this isn't a certainty at all.  Before I realized the x10 change, I was super excited about getting a 7 point code.  In actuality, that code is worth $.70 swagbucks rather than the normal $1 swagbuck.  Hopefully this means more codes and more chances to win to make up the difference.  Still, I can't be upset at getting paid to search the internet!

      One last note - be patient with the site today.  It seems that there are some bugs with their new system and some users have had difficulties.


      Remember to enter again today to win an envelope chock full of coupons!  When I win giveaways like this, I maximize it by trading coupons with friends so we all get more of what we need!  Share the love!

      Diaper Trial

      Do you have a child in diapers?  How would you like to try diapers for free and get paid $10 for doing so?  All that is involved is a short paper survey, following directions for the specific study, and a phone interview about the product.  Arquest is a store brand diaper manufacturer that often reviews both store brand diapers and name brand diapers through diaper studies. 

      To see if you qualify, just call the number below to register.  I will keep the diaper tab updated with open studies as I hear of them.  If your child fits specifications, you may receive a call from Arquest about participating.  Currently, there is a size 4 study for boys that seems to be open.  I just called.  Don't be surprised if you need to leave a message - if there are open spots, they will get back to you.

      ext 646 for girls
      ext 634 for boys


      Lastly, today is day 2 of a Woot-off for both Woot and KidsWoot!  Let me know if you score anything great!  Shipping is a flat $5 per item!

      Wednesday, February 24, 2010

      Swagbucks Birthday!

      Search & Win

      Thursday, Feb 25th is the second Swagbucks birthday! 

      So, whats new and what's happening on Feb 25th at Swagbucks?

      1) More ways to earn Swag Bucks every day:  With 3.0 users will be able to earn by having their toolbar visible on their browser and also by simply viewing our 'No Obligation' special offers.   This means that in addition to all the regular ways to earn, the more you are engaged with, the more you will earn!

      2) New look home page and Swag Store & rewards store: 3.0 will include a revamped, cleaner interface that will provide a better user experience.

      3)  Launch of the Swagstakes Portal:   As you may know we currently run about a dozen on-going sweepstakes (called Swagsttakes) at any given time.  With the launch of 3.0 we are going to have a brand new, fully stocked Swagstakes portal in which there will be dozens of Swagstakes running at all times! Some contests will be limited entry (meaning a set number of entries will be offered) so the odds for a user to win are greater.  The tentative list of items that will be offered during initial launch should include: $100 Amazon Gift Cards, Sony Bravia 32" TV, Amazon Kindle, Apple iPod Touch, Flip Ultra HD Camera, Panasonic Blu Ray with Remote, Apple iPad, Sopranos Complete Series Box Set, Rachel Ray 10 piece cookware set, Playstation 3 system + games bundle, Canon Powershot Camera, Seinfeld Complete Series DVD box Set, Viziio 22" LCD TV and plenty more!

      Make sure you aren't just frivolously searching as this can cause your account to be canceled.

      What is Swagbucks? Swagbucks is a google-powered search engine that pays users back a percentage of advertiser income in "swagbucks." These "bucks" can be redeemed for great prizes. I always get the $5 Amazon gift card since it is the lowest ratio between swagbucks and dollars. Since April, I have received $110 in Amazon gift cards! I have one card pending and have enough swagbucks to cash in for another!

      How can you earn bucks?

      * Web searches through the Swagbucks website, search bar, or toolbar
      * Referrals - when a friend signs up under you and wins a buck searching, you win too! You win each time your friends win for their first 100 swagbucks
      * Swidget - download the swidget to your blog or facebook page and be alerted to swag codes as they happen!
      * Trading in items - Swagbucks accepts all sorts of used items and offers bucks for your items (such as used cell phones, video games, books, and ipods
      * Shopping - you can shop through the Swagbucks site and receive bucks as a rebate on your purchases.

      One more note - don't forget to enter my coupon giveaway!

      Giveaway - Build Your Coupon Arsenal

      Are you excited to save money?  Are you looking for more coupons?  You are in luck!

      I am offering up 2 envelopes chock full of coupons to two lucky winners!  You will find coupons for all sorts of products including some store coupons to stack!  All coupons are valid and have not expired.  If you have a Kroger near you, these envelopes will be even better (as some coupons are Kroger coupons).  Each envelope will contain at least 50 coupons to jump start your coupon arsenal!

      UPDATE:  I have enough coupons to offer FOUR envelopes rather than just two!  Envelopes will be chock-full of great coupons including many P&G coupons to help you get the $100 coupon rebate with less out of pocket expense!

      Giveaway details:
      • Giveaway is open to US residents only and will only be shipped to US addresses.
      • You may enter daily (see below) through Sunday, Feb 28, 2010 at 8pm Eastern time
      • I will choose 2 winners randomly using
      • If winner does not respond to email notification within 24 hours, I will choose another winner.  I will email through penguinelk at yahoo dot com.
      How to enter:

      For each entry, you MUST leave a separate comment or else your entry will not be counted.  Make sure there is a way to contact you in each comment (I like to leave my email but in the penguinelk at yahoo dot com format to prevent spam).  If you do not have a google account, feel free to leave an anonymous comment with your contact information.
      • DAILY (1 entry each day you comment) - Leave a comment with your favorite product to buy with a coupon or your favorite coupon tip.
      • DAILY (1 entry each day you comment) - Tweet about this giveaway and comment with a link to your tweet.
      • DAILY (1 entry each day you comment) - Blog about this giveaway and comment with a link to your post.
      • ONCE (1 extra entry) - Become a follower (left sidebar) of this blog and leave a comment letting me know (if you already follow, leave a comment to let me know).
      • ONCE (1 extra entry) - Follow me on Twitter (@penguinelk) and leave a comment letting me know - with your Twitter username.
      • ONCE (1 extra entry) - Become a fan on Facebook (Penny Pinching Penguin) and leave a comment letting me know. Fan box is on left sidebar.
      • ONCE (1 extra entry) - Grab my blog button for your blog and leave a comment letting me know with a link to your blog.
      Good luck!

      Coupon Vocabulary

       It is important to understand terminology when using coupons.  Here's a quick vocabulary lesson for you!
        • One Per Customer - one coupon per paying customer
        • One Per Purchase - one coupon per item purchased. Example - purchase 3 boxes of cereal and use 3 coupons.
        • One Per Transaction - one coupon per time through checkout. Example - purchase 3 boxes of cereal and use only 1 coupon unless you purchase each box as a separate transaction.
        • Manufacturer coupon (MFR) - coupon issued by the manufacturer. One coupon per item unless otherwise noted. The store is fully reimbursed for this coupon PLUS they get a small handling fee.
        • Store coupon - coupon issued by individual store. Often, store coupons may be stacked with manufacturer coupons. Stores are not reimbursed for this coupon, rather, it is like an in-store sale.
        • Stacking - Using a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon on the same item. Nearly all stores allow coupon stacking.
        • Rolling - The practice of using one reward to pay for all or part of the next deal that will produce a reward. Common ways to roll deals - use Extra Bucks at CVS to pay for items that will yield more Extra Bucks, use a Target gift card to pay for items that will yield another Target gift card.
        • YMMV - Your Mileage/Market May Vary - not all stores put items on sale/clearance at the same time, so depending on where you live, you may have a different experience compared to others
        • Purchase - one item
        • Transaction - entire order you are paying for
        • BOGO - Buy One Get One
        • OYNO - On Your Next Order
        • FAR - Free After Rebate
        • Q - coupon
        • Blinkie - the little machines in the store with a blinking red light that shoots out coupons
        • Peelie - the coupons found on products in the store that can be peeled off
        • MIR - Mail In Rebate
        • IP - Internet Printable coupon
        For future reference, this list can be found under my "coupons" tab.  Happy bargain hunting!

          Woot Off!


          Head to my "Daily Deals" tab and check out Woot! and are holding a Woot-off today!  On my tab, I have a link to a Woot - alert that will let you know when a new item is up!

          What is a Woot-off you ask?  Simply, it is when Woot offers more than one product per day at a super discounted price (often 4 or more products).  Woot-off's may even last more than one day!

          One extra special part of a Woot-off is the "Bag o Crap."  At one point during the Woot-off, they will offer a "Bag o Crap" for just a few dollars.  This bag is full of all sorts of stuff - whatever they have left over.  Usually it will be small things without a high dollar value, but reports are that in the past, they have had small tv's or computer monitors and such in their Bag o Crap!  When this item comes up - HURRY!  I haven't been able to snag one yet  - the site has always crashed on me.

          Let me know if you score anything good!

          Currently on Woot -

          Dyson DC24 Blueprint Limited Edition


          • + $5 shipping

          Tuesday, February 23, 2010

          $8 Glasses from Zenni Optical are HERE!!!

          So, i have been just a little bit excited about my little experiment.  I decided to spend under $20 for eyeglasses through an online retailer.  I did my research and decided to try Zenni Optical.  My last pair of new glasses was back in 2002!

          You can read the details of how this process worked in my previous post:

          Well, exactly two weeks after ordering (exactly how long I was quoted), my glasses arrived in my mailbox.  They came in a bubble wrap envelope and a plastic case with a cleaning cloth.  The glasses are wonderful!  They fit well.  The prescription is right.  They are super cute!

          My next order will be sunglasses in zebra frames!  I am waiting a week to make sure everything is good to go before ordering any more.  I am quite happy and encourage you to check them out!  I mean, how cute are these?!?!

          $5 Taste of Home Cookbooks, Kraft Coupons, Nabisco on Facebook

          Here are a few sweet deals for today!

          Become a fan of Nabisco Cookies on Facebook.  The first Monday of every month, fans will be rewarded!  Make sure you check back!

          Grab a bunch of Kraft coupons.  These are Target Store coupons (look at the box on the top by the expiration date) and can be stacked with manufacturer coupons for some GREAT deals.  Only good Feb 21-27, so hurry!

          Taste of Home is offering its hardback cookbooks for just $5!  You'd better hurry - these won't last long!  Regular retail price is $24.99!  Grab a few and keep them for Christmas or other gift occasions through the year!  To make this deal sweeter, shop through Upromise for 4% cash back (put into a college fund) or through Shop at Home for 10% cash back! (a check is mailed to you when your balance reaches $20.  If you are new, you get $5 just for signing up too.)

          Edited:  Make this deal even sweeter with FREE SHIPPING on orders more than $10 using the code: 347.

          Happy bargain hunting!

          Stockpile - A Story in Pictures

          A few days back, I posted the why and how of stockpiling for emergencies.  I also posted some pictures of my own stockpile on my Stockpile tab.  I have been working on my stockpile for about 9 months.  We have burned through some of it and are now rebuilding.

          My good friend, Lynnette, was kind enough to share pictures of her stockpile with me.  She has been building it for about 4 months with a month off to have a beautiful baby.   You can see how she has been able to stock up in different ways than we have (I can't wait to get a freezer!) and how she stores things in different ways - it all depends on the situation.

          My deep freeze. Mostly filled with venison. There's a milk crate under the basket with other meats- so I just lift it up and get to more venison :)

          My freezer. Mostly things I use regularly- precooked and chopped meats, veggies, ice cream :) the door is mostly filled with juice and hot dogs...

          First cupboard. Top shelf is filled with extra tea and coffee. Canned goods behind the ramen (I lost a shelf last fall to too many canned things on one shelf) them bottom shelf is mostly lunch making supplies.

          Cupboard 2. Boxes of rice behind the jars on this shelf. Mostly seconds of things for the fridge.
          Bulk storage. This is actually underneath a kitchen desk. We have the microwave above and don't use it as a desk. I store things in boxes and slide them out to access the ones behind. On the left you can see ice cream tubs that I use for flour, sugar, rice, etc. from things I buy in 25 pound bags at Sam's.

          Thank you, Lynnette, for letting us peek in your cabinets!  It's great to see how other people stockpile - I know it gives me ideas on how to improve mine!  Click on over and check out Lynnette's blog, Lifestyle Logic, for some great money saving tips!

          Monday, February 22, 2010

          Unveiling New Blog Layout


          Today is the official unveiling of my new blog layout!  Come on in - I'll show you around!  This post will remain in the sidebar to refer back to as needed.  Just a note - the blog will change every few months - I'll try to reflect changes on this page!


          The biggest change has been the blog's focus.  I will be focusing on helping you learn how to maximize savings and to manage your money well.  I will no longer be writing my own coupon match-ups.  Other bloggers do a much better job.  I will continue to post great deals as I find them.


          The next big change has been the addition of the tabs at the top of the page.  Let me walk you through those tabs.  There is a chance that the tabs may change a bit as things fall into place - as a way to streamline the site and make it easier to use.

          Home - This tab will always take you right back to the main page should you get lost in searches.

          About - This tab explains who I am and why I am blogging as well as how to contact me via email.  I have my email address written out as a way to prevent spam from web crawlers.  Simply remove spaces, substitute the @ symbol and the . symbol, and you have the email address.

          Coupons - This tab is a great resource for beginner information on coupons plus various places to get more coupons. You will find a list of common coupon terminology with explanations, links to electronic coupons, and links to coupons to print.  Coming soon - a guideline to ethical coupon usage (the few who abuse coupons have caused some stores to shy away from various types of coupons such as internet printables or coupons for free items).

          Stores - This tab gives tutorials for how to maximize savings at specific stores, lists blogs that specialize in coupon match ups for those stores, lists special deals for the stores where I am an affiliate (they email me deals that may not be available elsewhere).

          $$ Minute (Money Minute) - This tab is where to go to find simple and quick ways to save a little money.  Money minute posts are just a couple paragraphs long with a focus on just one or two ideas.  It's money management in bite-sized pieces!

          Daily Deals - Many stores and companies offer one special deal each day at a deep discount.  This tab is a compilation of direct links to many of these companies.  Check back each day to see what is on sale!  Many deals are at 50% savings or greater! (Also, you can check the Amazon lightning deals widget in my left sidebar for even more deals).

          Diapers - This tab will detail ways to save money on purchasing diapers.

          Stockpile - This tab is dedicated to links to posts about the why and how of growing a stockpile of groceries and toiletries as well as pictures for ideas of how to store items.

          Programs - This tab details various money-saving programs that I participate in.  You can also find information of trial programs that offer trials of products for reviews of these products.  I use all of these programs - feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

          Surveys - This tab lists each survey company I use or have used plus my review of that site.  I have been able to make a bit of money by taking surveys (around $25/month at this point) from home.  Between surveys and Swagbucks, we paid for Christmas gifts last year spending less than $100 out of pocket.

          Of Note

          Here are some other parts of the site that may be helpful to you:

          • Search box - type in what you are looking for and search the site for helpful information
          • Subscribe in reader - I get overwhelmed with all the blogs I read.  I use the reader bloglines to organize the blogs and get recent posts of all the blogs all in one place.  There are many readers to choose from.  If you subscribe, my posts will appear in your reader.
          • Grab My Button - If you blog, feel free to grab my button for your site!  It is a direct link back to Penny Pinching Penguin.
          • Assistance for Haiti - I don't want people to forget that the people of Haiti still need our help.  Check out the past posts linked here for more ideas and information.
          • Networked Blogs - I am part of Networked Blogs on Facebook.  If you are on Facebook, feel free to follow me there.
          • Blog Topics - This is a quick reference for posts on various topics to help you find information quickly.
          • My Other Blog - I run a blog dedicated to becoming a better homemaker, Rediscovering Domesticity.  Check it out!
          • Amazon Lightning Deals - Amazon's hottest time-sensitive deals are posted in this widget which automatically updates!  
          • Offers - These are companies that I am an affiliate for.  Basically, they support my site for me advertising on my site.  I don't just post any ads.  I will not post anything that I wouldn't/haven't used myself.  If you ever have a problem with any of these offers, please contact me!
          • Followers - You can follow me and this blog directly through google for free to help you stay updated if you choose.
          • Facebook Fan Page - I now have a fan page on Facebook.  This page lets me announce new posts right away plus will send posts to Twitter.  I have a forum/discussion board on the fan page as well to help as we all learn to grow in financial awareness.
          • Swidget - The Swidget is part of Swagbucks.  You can sign up for Swagbucks through the swidget, search, shop, and be notified of free swagcodes with the swidget. 
          I hope you enjoyed your tour!  Take your time - take baby steps!  Don't be discouraged if you get burned out from time to time - it happens to everyone!  I welcome feedback through comments and through email!

          Sunday, February 21, 2010

          CVS Shopping Trip

          I ventured out today without much planning to find some deals at CVS this afternoon.  I am pleased with what I was able to get!  My total (sale prices) before any coupons was about $57.  
          I used:
          • $2 off any box pampers diapers plus wipes coupon
          • $1 off any Scotch roller coupon
          • 2 $.25 off 3 Puffs coupons (they were on sale for $.88 each)
          • batteries were BOGO Free
          • wipes were on sale 2/$5
          • rebate for free Schick Titanium from past insert
          • $5.50 in extra bucks from previous shopping
          • $10 in extra bucks from CVS Advisory Survey Panel
          I did two transactions so I will have receipts for rebates and to maximize my coupons.   I paid about $25 out of pocket.  I got $3 back in extra bucks.  I am submitting for $10 back by rebate for the razor.  I am submitting for the P&G coupon rebate once I hit the $50 mark (in P&G products - before coupons) for the $100 coupon book.

          Not too bad for an order with high end diapers!

          Have you done any deals this weekend?  How did you do?

          Saturday, February 20, 2010

          Swagbucks Update, $100 P&G Coupons, Laundry Coupons, New Week Savings Scenarios

          Search & Win

          Ok - I goofed.  In my Friday post about Mega-Swagbucks Friday, I mentioned the special and very lucrative Swagbucks birthday and I got the date wrong.  In that previous post, I mentioned the birthday as being Feb. 22nd.  It is ACTUALLY February 25th, according to the Swagbucks site.  Make sure you spend some time online that day!  There will be many codes coming out that day for free bucks!  If you have no idea what Swagbucks is, check out that previous post for a detailed explanation.  I've earned $15 in Amazon gift cards just in February so far!  I am waiting for another $5 to clear at the end of the month.

           I love Proctor and Gamble!  They have great products, offer high value coupons, sponsor great events such as the Olympics, and are now promoting family friendly programming!  P&G also has a rebate offer that is a great one to jump on!    Spend $50 in P&G products before April 1st and send in receipts.  Receive a coupon book worth $100!  To make this even better, the $50 total is BEFORE coupons are applied.  Click here for the details on this P&G Rebate.

          Here is a list of some of the coupons in the rebate book plus how many of each:
          • $5 off Olay Regenerist (3)
          • $1 off Bounty paper towels or napkins (3)
          • $1 off any Charmin product (1)
          • Pampers Gifts to Grow Points (30)
          • $1 off any Downy product (1)
          • $1 off any one Cover Girl product (3)
          • $1 off any Pepto Bismol product (3)
          • $1 off Scope rinse (3)
          • BOGO free Old Spice body spray (3)
          • $1 off any Clearblue pregnancy product (2)
          • plus many more

          Print off some great laundry coupons!  Hurry, these expire 3/01/10!

          You have probably noticed that this site looks a bit different.  I want to point you to the tab at the top called "STORES."  As you plan your week of savings, check this tab for shopping basics at various stores plus a long list of other bloggers who do fantastic coupon/sales match-ups for stores to help you maximize savings.

          **  Just a side-note:  I hope to be done with site tweaks within a week.  Please bear with any minor glitches that may result!  If you notice that something is not working, please feel free to let me know at penguinelk at!

          Money Minute - Tips for Tax Time

           I want to welcome my friend, Melissa, to the blog!  She is here to share some great money saving tips for tax time.  Perfect timing!  Thank you, Melissa for being willing to share with us!

          Everyone seems to always dread tax time but you don’t have to. Right now there are a lot of tax credits and deductions that can help you get the most out of your tax return. One example is if you purchase a home for the first time by April 30, 2010 you may qualify for the First Time Homebuyer Credit. Also, the Making Work Pay Tax Credit is another credit that is good for 2009 and 2010. The Making Work Pay tax credit is similar to the other credits they gave us when they mailed us checks. Except this time instead mailing us checks they adjusted the withholding tables hoping we would spend the money instead of paying off debt or putting it in savings. That is what a large percentage of people did when they mailed out the checks. Sometimes this is a little confusing, let me explain. If you work two jobs or if you are married and you and your spouse work you may need to adjust your withholdings with your employer. When this credit was put into effect the IRS adjusted the withholdings on your paycheck. So if you work two small jobs or if you and your spouse both work then when you add both incomes together it might make a larger income, in turn making a situation where not enough taxes were taken out of your paycheck.

          Ideally when you or someone else does your taxes you should get no refund and owe no taxes. If you end up getting a large refund from the IRS then it is as if you loaned the government money with no interest. Also if you owe them a large some of money you will be penalized for not giving the government enough. To figure out what you should have deducted from your paycheck each pay you can use the IRS Withholding Calculator. The information you will need to know to use this is your current paystub and a couple of numbers from your last years tax return. This calculator will let you know if you are possibly getting a refund back next year and how much it would approximately be, or if you will be owing the IRS next year and how much that would be. It will also tell you what you should be having withheld from your paycheck so you can come out about even next year. I have used this for the past couple of years and I have come out very close. Here is the link for the calculator-

          Melissa is a wife and a stay at home mom of two beautiful children. She went to school for accounting and has been helping friends and family with taxes for many years and decided to do it as an income just recently. She and her father started American Tax & Bookkeeping last May. You can check them out at

          Friday, February 19, 2010

          Walmart Clearance 2/19/2010

          Hi all! 

          I just got back from a wonderful trip OUT OF THE HOUSE with the SUN OUT and everything!  I was able to jot down a few pretty good deals in the clearance section (I found it in the Lawn and Garden area - not the "almost outside area," but close) of toys.  I would have jotted down more, but the little one was trying to eat my coupon binder!

          Girl Gourmet cupcake refill  $5.97   $1.00
          VSmile VMotion Wall-E game $24.99   $9.00
          VSmile VMotion Kung Fu Panda game $24.98   $15.00
          Barbie Create the Perfect House  $34.97  $17.00
          VTech Smarty Pets  $29.96  $15.00
          I-Dog  $29.44   $15.00

          Mega-Swagbucks Friday!

          Search & Win

          Today is Mega-Swagbucks Friday! Each Friday, you can win $1, $2, $3, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, or even $500 Swagbucks just for searching the internet! Make sure you aren't just frivolously searching as this can cause your account to be canceled.

          What is Swagbucks? Swagbucks is a google-powered search engine that pays users back a percentage of advertiser income in "swagbucks." These "bucks" can be redeemed for great prizes. I always get the $5 Amazon gift card since it is the lowest ratio between swagbucks and dollars. Since April, I have received $110 in Amazon gift cards! I have one card pending and have enough swagbucks to cash in for another!

          How can you earn bucks?

          * Web searches through the Swagbucks website, search bar, or toolbar
          * Referrals - when a friend signs up under you and wins a buck searching, you win too! You win each time your friends win for their first 100 swagbucks
          * Swidget - download the swidget to your blog or facebook page and be alerted to swag codes as they happen!
          * Trading in items - Swagbucks accepts all sorts of used items and offers bucks for your items (such as used cell phones, video games, books, and ipods
          * Shopping - you can shop through the Swagbucks site and receive bucks as a rebate on your purchases.


          Swagbucks is having their 2nd birthday!  Make sure you spend some time at your computer on Feb. 22nd!  It is promised to be a very lucrative day with lots of bucks for searching PLUS numerous codes!  Pass this info on to your friends so that they sign up under you and win a lot that day so you win when they do too!

          Thursday, February 18, 2010

          Money Minute - Price List Challenge

          Many people ask how I save money on groceries.  I'll be honest.  It has taken a lot of time to get where I am. I figure that even saving a dollar is great - it's one more dollar in my bank account! 

          The biggest part of saving money has been knowing what a good price is for the items I buy most often and which stores have those prices.

          I'll be honest once again.  I haven't actually physically taken a notebook with me although I know it would help.  I have a hard enough time keeping my toddler from eating my coupons and chewing on the shopping cart - a notebook would be just one more temptation.

          Try this out and see if it helps.  Get a small notebook that you can easily take with you.  Make a list of 5-10 items that you buy on a regular basis.  Make note of the size since different stores often carry different sizes.  For the next 5 shopping trips, jot down the price of that item and what store you were shopping.  You should start to see a pattern of what stores carry those items at the best prices. 

          If you really want to expand on this idea, make a slightly longer list.  Shop at least weekly at several stores.  Write in the per-unit cost with the date of each trip.  Do this for several months.  You will start to see a pattern of how many weeks in a sale cycle for these items so you can better plan how much stockpile you will need to last to the next sale cycle.

          What have I found?  Here are just a few:  (please note - prices vary by region)

          bananas - cheapest at Aldi's at $.39/lb
          milk - cheapest at Aldi's at $1.79/gallon
          Splenda (granulated) - cheapest at Walmart  at less than $6 (and I have a lot of $1 coupons)
          Yoplait Parfait Delights - cheapest at Kroger after coupons

          What have you found? 

          Free Pizza, St. Patrick's Day Coupons, YouData, Coupons, SuperPoints

          Well, here are some deals for today!  The revamp of this site is almost complete, so posting will pick back up soon!

          Enter your information to have a coupon for a FREE DiGiorno 200 Calorie pizza to be mailed to your home.

          Coupons Inc.

          Remember to print out some great coupons to be ready for this weekend's paper!  Also, make sure you add coupons to your shoppers card!  I have a new feature on the blog.  Click the tab entitled "Basics" and you will find tutorials for shopping many stores plus coupon/sale match-ups for dozens of stores.

          Click the icon above to take a short survey and print up to $75 worth of coupons.  When I do offers like this, I use a "junk" email account just to be safe.

          Today is Thursday, so remember to check your YouData account for ads!  You'll get paid directly into PayPal tomorrow!   The site doesn't offer a lot of ads yet, but it is slowly growing and has a lot of potential.  How does it work?  You get paid a few cents for viewing an  advertisement even if you click off of it right away.  It takes a few seconds a week.  Check back on Thursdays to view all your ads that have been saved all week and get paid Friday!  Every penny counts.

          The Entertainment Book 2010 is on sale 40% off!  These books contain hundreds of dollars worth of coupons.  What a great price for a great resource!  Click above to get yours.

          You probably have seen me talk about Swagbucks over and over again.  I want to introduce you to another site that has potential.  Superpoints doesn't award points as often as Swagbucks, but the points are higher.  You can also sign up for Superpoints Surveys to earn even more points.  Like Swagbucks, I am saving up for Amazon gift cards.  Make sure to pop on daily to play the "Super Lucky Button" for a chance to win points plus do a few searches through their engine (straight google rather than a mix as Swagbucks has).  For more earning opportunities, check out my "surveys" and "programs" tabs at the top of this page.

          With the roads as terrible as they have been and with more snow on the way, we have been chomping at the bit to get out.  Well, now we can cook in and have the meals taste just like they do at restaurants!  Download this great FREE ebook and get 31 copycat recipes of your favorite restaurant foods!

          Wednesday, February 17, 2010

          $8 Glasses from Zenni Optical have SHIPPED!

          Oh, I am just so excited!  I got an email yesterday saying that my $8 glasses from Zenni Optical have shipped!  I can't wait! 

          To get an idea of how dire my need for new glasses is, here's a comparison.  Two pictures of the "before" both taken in 2003 plus an "after" taken just yesterday.
          Now for the "After"


          In case you missed it, you can read how and why I decided to order glasses online plus how the whole eyeglass ordering process works in my past posts.


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